The National Research Council’s (NRC) Canadian Bioinformatics Resource (CBR) has been selected by Sun Microsystems as a Sun Centre of Excellence in Distributed Bioinformatics.

The Halifax-based NRC-CBR is a distributed national computer network which offers free bioinformatics tools and access to biological databases to more than 1,000 life sciences researchers and non-profit member institutions across the country. The NRC and Sun are collaborating to create a gird computing network for the Canadian bioinformatics research community.

“NRC’s Canadian Bioinformatics Resource facilitates Canadian research efforts by sharing the latest DNA sequencing and research findings contained in hundreds of biological databases from around the world,” said Dr. Arthur Carty, NRC president. Carty added that collaborating with a company like Sun Microsystems provides an internationally recognized bioinformatics infrastructure.

In addition to providing access tools, applications and databases, NRC-CBR can access the bioinformatics needs of members, provide members with a local plug-and-play bioinformatics infrastructure, acquire hardware on their behalf, and configure and secure the system and install a suite of local bioinformatics tools for their use prior to shipping the system.

The Sun Centre of Excellence program helps build new technologies that advance academic research.