Also, to its high performance Constellation line Sun has added the Sun Blade X6450 server module which features 2 or 4 quad core Intel Xeon processors, providing up to 7.37 TFlops in a single rack, and the Sun Datacenter Switch 3×24 (a smaller version of the Sun Datacenter Switch 3456), which features 72 DDR 4X Infiniband ports.

WiMAX for 10.5Ghz band

Montreal’s SR Telecom has introduced a 10.5Ghz radio unit for WiMAX-based applications, part of its symmetryMX line. The company said it will allow wireless network operators to offer enterprise services at new price poitns that will change their business cases and target markets. It takes advantage of the widely-available 10.5Ghz band, where SR Telecom says there is sufficienct spectrum to build large-scale networks that deliver enterprise-level multi-megabit services. Pricing wasn’t available, but the company said the radio will allow operators to provide profitable solutions.

SR Telecom is part of Groupe Lagasse, a Canadian holding company specializing in the telecommunications industry.

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