Spreed launches iPhone news reader


Spreed Inc. has released a new application it says will tackle the challenges of reading news content on mobile phones.

The Toronto-based company said its extensive research in reading enhancement technology led to the creation of Speed:News – an application that will make it easier for users to consume text-based content. Users can choose from a number of pre-defined news and blog sources or add their own and then view the articles through the news reader.

“Spreed is very excited to be one of the first Canadian innovators developing applications for the iPhone,” Anthony Novac, CEO at Spreed, said in a news release. “Moreover, we’re happy to be launching our first product at the same time as the launch of the iPhone 3G here in Canada. Rich mobile devices such as these offer huge potential for consuming media on the go.”

“Users will be able to keep in touch with the news in just a few minutes every day. They need to try it to experience the benefits,” he added.

The product is set to launch exclusively on the Apple iPhone, but the company plans to develop a RIM BlackBerry version in the near future.


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