As with any government organization, SNB is under heavy public scrutiny for the cost of any IT upgrades. It was easy for SNB to show that, while money was spent, even more was saved, through a methodical rather than an aggressive strategy. In addition to some of the more obvious cost reductions for system maintenance, consolidating disparate data sources and improved efficiencies, SNB has experienced cost reductions in the following areas:

Administration and office supplies – SNB’s ability to store information electronically relieves personnel of the task of photocopying records for manual distribution. With fewer printed documents to manage, administrative costs for physical floor space and items such as toner cartridges, manual archiving and paper shredding, have been cut.

Storage media overhead: SNB’s new storage system and hierarchical data policies allow records management personnel to move outdated or infrequently accessed data onto less expensive storage media such as tape. This frees up disk space on the main storage system

Future protection: By selecting a scalable and flexible storage solution, SNB has guaranteed that their needs will be met today and in the future. They can more easily introduce new services to the system and adapt to new legislation without the fear of having to radically upgrade the existing infrastructure. 067823

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