As of today, Windows 7 is officially dead.

The ex-operating system had a good 10-year run, and while Microsoft is discontinuing official support including security updates and technical assistance, a reported 440 million people are still using it.


Infosec pros urged to quickly deploy today’s Windows 10 patch

Time running out for support on these Microsoft products

Those users are being urged – and have been urged for several months now – to upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid cyber attacks.

But today, Twitter spent a lot of time reminiscing about the good ol’ times, many describing Windows 7 as the best OS Microsoft ever offered.

Harry Potter references regarding Windows 7 were aplenty today:

Some people suggest Windows 10 has big shoes to fill:


Truer words have never been uttered:

If you haven’t already, please attend to those unsupported operating systems and make sure you’re secure. For some tips on how to migrate to Windows 10 with minimal headaches, click here.

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