Sirit to bring NFC to Windows Mobile phones


Toronto-based Sirit Inc. has announced a partnership with Microsoft Corp. to provide near field communication (NFC) and contactless support technology to Windows Mobile phones.

The RFID solution provider said Tuesday that its deal with Microsoft is aimed at speeding up the adoption and development of Windows Mobile powered NFC applications. NFC is expected to have a significant impact on mobile phones and devices, according to Sirit, and many analysts have predicted that up to one-third of all mobile phones will be NFC-equipped within the next three to five years.

NFC and contactless technology will enable mobile phones to operate as electronic wallets, electronic tickets and access control devices.

The largest barrier to adoption of NFC devices and applications has been the lack of available support in mobile operating systems. With the partnership, Microsoft will be able to develop an application programming interface (API) and other support functions for its Windows Mobile operating system, allowing developers an accessible platform for creating NFC devices and solutions.


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