Data is power, of course, but only if its useful and usable. Trouble is, most enterprises have been merrily capturing data for years now, often without attention paid to its structure, usefulness and life cycle. That data is just cluttering up storage systems.
Hewlett-Packard Co.’s controversial Autonomy division has announced a new module aimed at sorting the wheat from the chaff. Autonomy Legacy Data Cleanup automatically eliminates data in SharePoint and e-mail repositories according to a list of policy rules, like the age of data, whether it’s a duplicate, or how often it’s consulted by employees, for example.
Autonomy Legacy Data Cleanup requires the newest version of Autonomy’s policy engine.
HP announced the new module at its HP Discover conference in Las Vegas.
The company also announced a free version of its Vertica Analytics database. Companies can use it on up to a terabyte of data, indefinitely. Previous free versions of the software did not have the full feature set; the new release is a full-featured set for testing and development.


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