Shark Tank

Published: April 12th, 2007

Pilot fish just finished a month doing tech support when the number of users complaining about spam suddenly starts to rise. “After a few days, I consulted with my boss,” says fish.

“He happened to be working on our firewall appliance and told me that he had taken it offline to make some adjustments. ”Don’t you think a virus might come through without the firewall? fish asks.

“Aw, nobody sends viruses anymore,” boss smirks. “This isn’t The Matrix Reloaded.” Fish shuts up.“The next day, I had six people nearly trample me down to get into their e-mail. It turned out we had indeed caught a virus. It shut down any PC-related work for two days.”

Sysadmin pilot fish gets to the office on Monday morning and finds voice mails from users complaining they can’t connect to the server.

The system has been down since 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Fish reboots, but an hour later, the president comes. “There should be a procedure in place for when the systems go down on the weekends,” president says.

“There were five of us in on Saturday, and we couldn’t get on the system.” Did anyone try calling any of the IT staff at home? fish asks. “No,” roars president. “You’re supposed to know when it’s down!”

User 85 miles away calls IT tech, about a tool bar missing from her Windows desktop.“Tech attempted to help her by phone, but to no avail,” says pilot fish. “Upon arrival at her office, he found her monitor had a brand-new antiglare screen. The magnifier is just a tad smaller than her monitor. The missing tool bar was found behind its lower frame.

At least it was a nice day for a 170-mile drive.”


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