Shark tank

Published: March 15th, 2007


One bad idea after another

IT manager pilot fish at a hospital gets a call from a user at a remote clinic who says their network has gone dead, so he heads off to investigate. “We traced a cable going through a wall,” grumbles fish. “No plans, of course. The other side of the wall was several feet away — with no cable. It was the elevator shaft; the cable was broken inside. Opening the doors revealed two loose ends of Cat 5. I guess someone thought the elevator shaft would be a good way to go from floor to floor, but the moving elevator had other ideas.”

Bright guy

User calls help desk pilot fish to report that the printer in the hallway has no power. Is it turned on and plugged in? fish asks. User tells him, “The switch is on, but I can’t see if the cord is plugged in.” When fish arrives to investigate, it’s clear why: All the lights are out, and two maintenance guys with a flashlight are looking for a blown fuse in the power panel. Maybe the lights all being out would indicate why the printer doesn’t have power, fish tells user. “Hmm,” says user. “I figured it just came unplugged, but it was too dark to see, and the maintenance guys wouldn’t let me borrow the flashlight.”

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