During their keynote speech at EXPO COMM, a wireless technology tradeshow held in Toronto earlier this month, analysts Ian and Lis Angus talked of the troubles the Canadian telecom industry is facing and suggested how the enterprise should navigate through them.

The Anguses head up Angus TeleManagement Group Inc., a communications consultancy in Ajax, Ont. The duo described how the telecom landscape became troubled in certain areas, starting with “realistic growth” and “unrealistic expectations.” Although the ’90s saw increased infrastructure use (the number of business lines increased 146 per cent, for example) it also saw over-exuberance. Whereas conservative predictions said traffic would double every year, less restrained psychics suggested traffic would double every three months. The result: capacity glut, price war and an industry shakeout that would leave Canadian businesses trying to source connectivity among the carnage.

What’s the enterprise to make of this sorry state of affairs? The Anguses had some suggestions.

Here are their pointers for corporate Canada vis-

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