SAP’s Predictive Analysis gets upgrade


Enterprise software maker SAP AG yesterday announced upgrades to analytics software Predictive Analysis which the company said will enable users to carry out more flexible modeling and achieve better performance from the software to handle big data in real time.

At the BI 2013 convention in Amsterdam, SAP introduced version 1.0.11 of its Predictive Analysis tool.

“SAP Predictive Analysis delivers a complete data discovery, visualization and predictive analytics solution design to extend current analytics capabilities and skillsets,” SAP said in a statement. “It is an intuitive experience with enough power for data scientist to conduct sophisticated analysis using big data, yet simple enough to allow business analyst to conduct forward-looking analysis using departmental data from Excel.”

The enhancements to Predictive Analysis include:

  • Greater flexibility to expand predictive model execution to other SAP applications, including SAP Customer
  • Relationship Management and SAP Fraud Management
  • Extended algorithm set with the ability to run any R-script
  • Faster execution against large data volumes
  • New data preparation techniques and functions for streamlined models
  • Richer displays of data and visualizations for improved analysis
  • Better analysis of data with more charting

The updated software features better integration with Lumira, SAP’s software for model visualization.

Together with a native predictive analytics library (PAL) for in-database processing and the SAP HANA platform, business can use Predictive Analysis to run “what-if” scenarios in real time in “split seconds so they don’t miss their window of opportunity,” The SAP statement said.



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