Days after being stung at a California patent trial, Samsung Electronics managed to capture headlines by showing off an upcoming Windows Phone 8 smart phone. This Reuters report via from a Berlin electronics show is one of the first reports.

Samsung said its Windows-based devices will go under the ATIV name and include not only handsets but PCs as well. The unified name goes along with Microsoft’s plan to unify much of its Windows code for PCs, tablets and mobile devices. Windows 8 officially launches Oct. 26.

The ATIV S will have a 4.8-in screen, a 1.5 GHz dual core processor and connectivity to HSPA+ wireless networks.

This obviously had been in the works for some time and development had nothing to do with the trial (unless, of course, Samsung — which has an extensive lineup of Android-powered handsets — knew early it had to hedge its bets) but the timing is interesting. Industry observers had expected Microsoft partner Nokia to be the first to announce a Windows Phone 8 smart phone.

Samsung isn’t the only handset maker with a foot in both the Android and Windows camps, and the California verdict will likely give those manufacturers reason to be generous with their Windows marketing plans.

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