Salary Survey 2011: We shoot questions, you score

You may never make the kind of money that an NHL star player does, but you still might be able to celebrate your success by watching your favourite team win.
We have just launched Computer World Canada’s annual IT Job Market and Salary Survey, the country’s most comprehensive look at base pay, benefits and insights on morale across the profession. The data from this survey will be made available to anyone who answers our short questionnaire, and the results will be used to refresh our ever-popular Salary Calculator, which is now featured on our new site.
As a special incentive, we’ll be drawing names from those who fill out the survey for at least five pairs of tickets to NHL games this season. Wherever possible, we’ll try to get tickets to the city nearest you: Vancovuer, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.
Here are some highlights from last year’s survey:
Though the world economy remained shaky, only 8.93 per cent of respondents felt insecure or very insecure. Nonetheless, in 2009 21 per cent felt somewhat more secure.

Only 4.31 per cent of respondents declared themselves to be dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their choice of an IT career.
An overall increase of 3.12 per cent in average total compensation reflected a growing confidence in the Canadian economy.

Bonuses grew more than salaries, making total compensation increases more dependent on some personal or corporate performance criteria.

This was especially significant for executive and senior management since bonuses represent more than 14 per cent of their total compensation, compared to less than four per cent of total compensation for technical staff.

Enterprise CIOs lead the pack with average salaries of more than $200,000.
What will the results be this year? Take the survey today and find out. Then start cheering for your favourite hockey team.



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