RSA uses big data to battle security threats


RSA, the security division of EMC Corp. is combining its threat detection technology with big data analytics in a new product that enables organizations to better pinpoint and understand security threats missed by traditional signature-based detection tools.

The RSA Security Analytics Unified Platform is designed to detect risk as the occur and help security administrators better comprehend what threats coming from outside and within their organizations mean to the security of their business assets.
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The company said, RSA Security Analytics blends security information and events management (SIEM), network forensics and big data analysis.

  • The new tool which was launched today delivers the following:
  • Quick capture and analysis of security-relevant data including network packets, logs and threat intelligences
  • The ability to analyze large-scale data sets which enables new analysis methods over that of SIEM-based approaches automation of detection and investigation of potential attach tools and techniques
  • Provides administrators with context for threats they are facing by using the RSA Archer platform and the RSA Data Loss Prevention suite and other data
  • Identification of a much wider range of malware
  • Automation of compliance reporting



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