When organizations have some critical, mega data crunching tasks on their laps, high-performance computers are typically their weapon of choice.

Supercomputers are well known for turning over computing intensive assignments on very tight schedules, but now on-demand private clouds are extending their capabilities even further.

Cluster computing (the networking of HPCs and other hardware into a single system) has tremendously improved the allocation of complex task to the appropriate system thus saving organizations time and money, some organizations are adding on-demand private cloud into the mix to realize even greater performance and cost saving, according to a recent post on Techredaction.com.
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For instance, Adaptive Computing Inc. has developed Moab, a cloud management platform which schedules tasks intelligently over a cluster or grid.
Moab’s strength lies working within define limits and allocating tasks to the most appropriate systems that can handle them whether the task involves thousands of small jobs or a single large one.

Adaptive is now partnering with supercomputer manufacturing firm Cray Inc. to provide Moab to a research institute in Germany.

Read more about HPC and Moab here

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