Two months ago Red Hat Inc. bought a company called Inktank, which makes the Ceph Enterprise open source object and block storage software for public and private clouds.

Today the company released version 1.2 of the suite, with new features for storing and managing mission-critical and archival data as well as enhancements to the Ceph Calamari management and monitoring platform.

The new archiving and tiering functionality in Ceph Enterprise 1.2 enables users to define pools for storing data densely, and therefore more cost-effectively, as well as pools that serve data very quickly, Neil Levine, Red Hat’s director of storage product management, said in a release. “And, because these pools all work together, customers can now create the blend of price and performance that’s right for them for both cold and hot data storage.”

New features include

  • Erasure Coding for archive and cold storage;
  • Cache Tiering, enabling “hot” data to be moved onto high-performance media when it becomes active and “cold” data to be moved onto low-performance media when it is no longer active;
  • Calamari v1.2, which will enable an administrator to manage the core functionality of the reliable autonomic distributed object store (RADOS) storage cluster, including the ability to manage individual storage devices and pool policies. Calamari is an on-premise application with management tools and performance data that Red Hat says simplifies operational management and enables administrators to adapt to changes in their Ceph clusters.

Ceph Enterprise integrates with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4 and 5, as well as Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04.

Red Hat describes Ceph as a massively scalable software-defined storage system that runs on commodity hardware. The Enterprise version includes the Calamari management platform


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