Articles Related to storage management

Dell ups storage ante with software that improves the economics of flash

The result of several years of effort, Dell is uniting its storage management capabilities with Dell Storage Center Operating System 7, which supports deduplication on both flash and hard disks

Reduxio seeks to innovate snapshot tech for the flash era with BackDating feature

A startup's first array includes a mechanism it says will allow enterprises to recover data right down to the second in the history in any volume.

Data awareness is the next wave of enterprise storage

Enterprise storage startups providing more insights into data are likely going to follow the same path as flash storage vendors

A formula for capacity planning

Authors of a text on operating large distributed systems says a formula can guide a CIO on buying needs for the coming year

Red Hat updates new storage acquisition’s capabilities

Ceph Enterprise better able to manage both hot and cold data, company says

OCZ improves performance of SQL Server accelerator card

Now supports SQL Server 2014, it can take advantage of database's new features

SolarWinds tweaks Storage Manager

Added to the suite is enhanced monitoring of EMC arrays and the ability to create custom LUN groups

Microsoft unveils “enterprise completers” for hybrid cloud computing

Virtual machines, storage, security, mobility services part of toolset for connection to company's Azure Cloud

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