Quartet buys Strategic Telecom Advisors


Toronto-based IT outsourcing firm Quartet Service announced the acquisition of IT and telecommunication consultancy Strategic Telecom Advisors (STA) Wednesday.

The purchase occurs on the heels of Quartet’s acquisition last month of nine former employees from Mississauga-based online computer retailer NexInnovations. The company said both moves fit with its aggressive growth strategy to continue servicing the IT needs of the Toronto area’s mid-tier corporate market. It also said it was pursuing larger enterprises such as the Greater Toronto Airport Authority.

Quartet said Toronto’s STA shines in its telecom cost-benefit analysis, which makes its expertise in high demand among business firms as well as non-profits. STA has 20 years of experience in the field, with work in modeling telecom infrastructure, benchmarking and outsourcing IT services, and negotiating vendor contracts.

Quartet cited a recent STA project, where it managed and deployed an advanced VoIP network linking 20 locations of non-for-profit home healthcare organizations, as added motivation for the move.


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