Enterprise portal technology buyers are struggling with adoption, as diverse portal products target different use-cases, and customers grapple with oft-immature tools, persistent performance bottlenecks, implementation delays, cost overruns, and poor usability.

These findings were outlined in the Enterprise Portals Report, released recently by CMS Watch, an independent analyst firm that evaluates content technologies.

Based on interviews with more than 60 enterprise portal customers and integrators worldwide, the report examines enterprise portal software from the perspective of six canonical use-cases: Web Publishing, Self-service, Collaboration, Enterprise Intranet, E-business, and Enterprise Integration.

IT consultant Janus Boye, Lead Analyst on the research team, indicated that widespread challenges face portal implementation teams. “Enterprise portals really represent a point of departure for further integration,” he said, “and are typically much less out-of-the-box than licensees expect.”

The report also indicated that technology vendors target divergent use-cases, and no single platform excels across the broad spectrum of portal applications.

The report is available for purchase online from CMS Watch (http://www.cmswatch.com).

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