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When CFOs and CIOs are firing on all cylinders

Integration of information across the enterprise is an imperative that can only be achieved when the CFO & CIO work together, according to a new study from IBM

Canadian startup eases mid-market telephony

Jazinga's $1,100 appliance for up to 20 employees promises easy setup and a multitude of features. The PBX is based on the open source Asterisk platform

New standard to unite physical and IT security

As the networks come together, IT is becoming increasingly involved in physical security decisions. One observer says security companies had "better get this religion quickly"

AlarmPoint rings bells with new version

Overhaul includes features the company used to charge extra for, such as integrators with network management and support suites from HP, IBM and BMC

Open source alliance turns spotlight on interoperability

Ten leading open-source software vendors have created a nonprofit consortium, dubbed the Open Solutions Alliance, to push the adoption of more open-source technology in the business world.

Portal buyers struggling with adoption

Enterprise portal technology buyers are struggling with adoption, as diverse portal products target different use-cases, and customers grapple with oft-immature tools, persistent performance bottlenecks, implementation delays, cost overruns, and poor usability.

Recruiter eyes Maritime talent

Toronto-based recruiter CNC Global recently opened an office in Atlantic Canada with the goal of helping local employers find IT skills that are often difficult to find in the region.

Microsoft mobile workplace products arrive in Europe

Systems integrators in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), are now offering services to make handheld devices running Microsoft Corp. software an integrated part of a company

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