An organization can have the most valuable assets in the world, but if it doesn’t manage them carefully, they won’t do it much good. In fact, failing to manage assets can do an organization real harm.

Such was one of the conclusions from a recent independent survey, commissioned by Cablesoft, of 239 North American corporations and their methods of network-infrastructure management. A full 77 per cent of the respondents admitted they had no network infrastructure management solution in place, preferring instead to keep records on spreadsheets or even in their heads. According to Cablesoft, that can lead to trouble, including: extended downtime; inadequate IT reporting to senior management; excessive manual verification resulting in high labour charges and delays; failure to meet E-911 telecom compliance; and inadequate disaster recovery provisions.

Cablesoft’s recommendation? Develop a structured asset-management procedure. Says Pete Pela, CEO and president of the Tempe, Ariz., company, “The only way to ensure you know what’s sitting on your network, its age and status is to have a set procedure or solution in place.”

Not surprisingly, Cablesoft can help. But regardless of the solution you choose, it would probably behove you not to fall within the imperilled 77 per cent.

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