Business applications maker PeopleSoft Inc. is rolling out 13 preconfigured offerings targeted at midmarket companies looking to boost efficiency through process automation.

This week, the Pleasanton, Calif.-based vendor announced its PeopleSoft Mid-Market Solutions packages, which, for a fixed price, include an unlimited user license, training and implementation services. Companies will be able to implement the modules incrementally to automate only the workflows they want, avoiding potentially risky big-bang implementations, according to PeopleSoft.

“Selling a midmarket business a suite of applications and expecting them to implement it all at once is completely unreasonable,” said Jeffrey Read, vice-president and general manager for PeopleSoft Mid-Market. “Customers need the flexibility to deploy solutions at their own pace.”

PeopleSoft said its Mid-Market Solutions can be set up to go live within 70 days.

The company is one of several application vendors, including SAP AG, making a push into the midmarket. PeopleSoft cited a survey that indicated 41 per cent of midmarket customers plan to boost spending on applications during the next year.

Among the processes supported are the sourcing of goods, payment settlement, recruiting and hiring.

PeopleSoft Mid-Market Solutions are available now. Pricing starts at US$50,000 per implemented module. The company is on the Web at