Depending on whom you ask, Cambridge, Mass.-based Lotus Development Corp. is either gradually expanding its dominance in the groupware and messaging space with its flagship product Lotus Notes or taking a marketshare beating from rival Microsoft Corp. and its competing product, Exchange.

Though users eagerly awaited Notes Release 5, which features a new interface and a slew of Web-ready features, its original release date of mid-1998 was pushed back several times. It eventually shipped last April. The jury is still out on how much of an affect, if any, the delays will have on adoption rates.

In the meantime, Lotus has announced that it will concentrate on distance or on-line learning, and the much-misunderstood area of knowledge management. And the company is already well into the development of the next release of Notes, code-named R-Next.

NetworkWorld Canada

contributing writer Michael MacMillan spoke with Lotus CEO Jeff Papows during his recent visit to Toronto, and asked him about the past, present and future issues facing his company.

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