Michael Moskowitz, the longtime leader for Palm Canada, has jumped ship to take over as satellite radio firm XM Canada new CEO, the company said Thursday.

Moskowitz will officially take over as CEO on Jan. 1 of next year, according to a statement from Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. John Bitove will continue as chairman.

Moskowitz was a national account manager for Palm products when it was still a division of 3Com back in the late 1990s. He assumed leadership of Palm Canada when it was spun off and was credited with expanding the number of PalmOS developers to more than 7,500 across the country. He also brokered a deal with Vancouver-based wireless software provider Veratium Software Ltd. to take advantage of its enterprise solution, which combines enterprise server software with the Palm m500 and/or m505 architecture.

In recent years Moskowitz’s role at Palm expanded to include responsibility for Latin America and the Caribbean. A Palm Canada spokesman did not return calls regarding a possible replacement.