Oracle Corp. announced the start of registration for its worldwide skills exchange, one of several new features for the database, applications and tools vendor’s Oracle Technology Network (OTN) developer network. The first transaction on the skills exchange is due to take place Sept. 15.

Known as OTN-Xchange, the skills exchange will enable Oracle developers to buy, sell and auction their technical know-how, hunt for Oracle-related jobs and manage development projects, according to Rene Bonvanie, vice-president of e-marketing at Oracle.

Bonvanie thought up OTN-Xchange after observing the trend to establish B2B (business-to-business) ‘net commodity exchanges for facilitating Web-based transactions. He was looking for ways to both accelerate the adoption of Oracle software and provide Oracle developers with a place for meetings and transactions.

Having a meeting place as part of OTN-Xchange will enable prospective employers to check out what Oracle developers are capable of, in terms of the software components and technologies they’ve contributed to on-line communities, along with their r