Opera is enabling developers to test mobile Web sites from their desktop computers through a release this week of an Opera Mobile browser emulator.

Via Opera Mobile 10 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, developers can install Opera Mobile and the Opera Widgets Mobile Emulator on their PC or Mac, the company said. This relieves developers from having to invest in multiple phones for testing. Developers can resize an application to emulate mobile screen sizes.

“Previously, if you wanted to test and debug your mobile-friendly sites in Opera Mobile, you either needed a physical phone or some form of virtual machine emulating the whole mobile operating system,” said Patrick Lauke, Opera Web evangelist, in a Web post. “With Opera Mobile 10 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, we hope to provide you with the simplest solution: A small, native application that’s easy to install on your desktop machine, which runs exactly the same code as its mobile phone version — so you can be assured that what you’re seeing on your test environment closely relates to the experience your end users will get.”

Opera Mobile and Opera Widgets Mobile Emulator work with the Opera Dragonfly debugging environment.

Opera Mobile 10 for Windows, Mac and Linux is accessible at Opera’s Web page.

Opera Mobile 10 runs on Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. It soon will run on Android systems also.