OpenText targets content capture, integration, compliance for EIM expansion

OpenText Innovation Tour 2015

By March next year, OpenText customers will find new capabilities covering content capture, compliance management and business-to-business integration in the company’s enterprise information management suite (EIM).

Muhi Majzoub, senior vice-president of engineering for OpenText, announced the Waterloo, Ont.-based software company’s plans during the Toronto leg of the OpenText Innovation Tour where partners and customers took in workshops dealing with EIM current upgrades.

The just released EIM Service Pack 1 exhibited last week is part of the “last strands” OpenText’s Red Oxygen strategy which was started in 2012. Red Oxygen resulted in the development of software suites for enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM), customer experience management (CEM) and information management (IM). With the release of SP1, OpenText is now ready to work on its Blue Carbon strategy said Majzoub.

He said enhancements under the Blue Carbon strategy will go on beta in December of this year and will be available by March 2016.

“Blue Carbon is all about processes,” said Majzoub. “We are looking to further lower the cost and improving the ease of installation and management.”

Here’s a quick rundown of three major flows OpenText is working on:

Content capture – OpenText is developing full automation for content capture.

“We want to fully automate management from the information capture stage to the archiving it,” said Majzoub.

This will involve developing automated features that will tackle single page documents to reading metadata, classification, group loading into a content server and managing the document lifecycle “until it is time to destroy it or archive it.”

B2B integration – OpenText will work further in mining the full capabilities of GXS Grid. OpenText purchased GXS for $1.065 billion in 2014 for its B2B cloud integration technology.

“Through our grid and through our shared software-as-a-service apps, we want to give our customers and their supplier network full automation of the procurement process as well as mobility applications,” Majzoub said.

Compliance – With the growing amounts of data that corporations are collecting and managing being on the right side of the various industry and government regulations have become more important than ever according to Majzoub.

He said, OpenText is committing to building four new applications to handle:

  • Incident management
  • Vendor management
  • Policy management
  • Threat management

“Compliance is in the minds of every IT and business decision maker in any industry,” he said. “Our goal is to automate the whole lifecycle process from identifying an incident to its resolution.”


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