Articles Related to regulatory compliance

The long and winding road … to open banking in Canada

Canadian regulatory authorities have a habit of taking it slow and easy when it comes to implementing new financial services such as open banking. Although...

The critical role of a Privacy Officer: why you may need one soon

Any business that is processing personal or sensitive information should appoint a Privacy Officer to oversee compliance obligations, and protect the interests of their data subjects.

Cloud and the future of healthcare

With an urgent need to provide virtual care and track hospital resources, health care providers are now increasingly relying on cloud-based workflows and applications.

The tax man wants details on how you’re using your phone: MobilityView says it has the solution

Tax regulators are demanding that businesses report on when employee smartphones are used for business or personal reasons. MobilityView says it can help determine that.

Why we can’t ignore the ‘Save PIAC’ campaign

In a world where the giants of Silicon Valley insist on watching us, we need to make sure we're watching them right back. If 2018...

Technology’s role in data protection – the missing link in GDPR transformation

The EU's incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will fundamentally change the way organizations worldwide handle personal data. No longer will personal data protections...

How GDPR can be a strategic driver for your business

Fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounds the incoming update to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to come into effect May 2018. The regulation will...

Are Your Files Secure?

From FISMA to PCI DSS, financial services need to comply with a great deal of regulatory requirements-most of which involve data security. And while...

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