OpenStack reaches milestone, launches foundation

You may not have heard of it, but an open source computing platform now has some legitimacy that only months ago was dreamed of.
The OpenStack Foundation officially came into the world this month with a governing board and US$10 million in the bank.  As this article from Network World U.S. details after early board meetings, the foundation has some 180 companies behind it and over 5,000 members who want to see an open source cloud stack. The piece includes a lengthy interview with the group’s leaders.
(Data centre image from Shutterstock)
Not only is Cisco Systems Inc., HP, Dell, Red Hat and other big names behind it, but also VMware. But its inclusion hasn’t been without controversy. Brandon Butler also reports in a separate story that at least one board member isn’t sure that’s a good idea: Most organizations are interested in OpenStack as an alternative to VMware, the board member said.
On the other hand, an industry analyst argues that VMware’s presence gives legitimacy to the effort. Read both pieces and you be the judge.


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