The Ontario government is making driver’s licences and health cards more secure and fraud resistant.

New security features on drivers’ licenses will include a holographic top coat that will better protect information on driver’s licences and health cards, according to Transportation Minister Harinder Takhar.

Likewise, three new security features will be added to health cards produced after December 15, 2004:

* A holographic topcoat that covers the full surface of the cards;

* “Province of Ontario” printed in micro-text in the border of the Ontario logos; and,

* Hidden ultraviolet (UV) ink printing that can only be viewed by UV light.

“These new health card security enhancements will help protect personal information and ensure that only eligible card users receive insured health services,” said Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman.

According to the Ministry of Health Web site, these security improvements will act as an effective antidote to tampered and counterfeit cards, ensuring that only the eligible card user can receive insured health services.

This is the first phase of a strategy that will result in a new, more secure driver’s licence and health card. Ontarians will receive one of the new driver’s licence or health cards when they receive replacement cards or when a new card is required.

There is no cost to obtain a new or replacement health card.

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