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Apple’s Leopard has security holes, experts say

The company's latest operating system upgrade is expected to be a sales success, but some features designed to protect user data may not be implemented completely. What to watch out for

PC makers agree to boost Vista hardware security

Microsoft has won agreement with PC makers to add a fundamental change at the BIOS level to improve security in Windows Vista.

Dude, it

The D620 is a dual-core lightweight notebook at 4.4 pounds. While it looks small in size, it actually boasts a 14.1-inch-wide aspect screen. It features both a touchpad mouse and a trackball mouse. A new feature is the

Red Hat goes for Common Criteria approval

Red Hat has joined with IBM and software maker Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS) to enter Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for evaluation under the Common Criteria security scheme. Red Hat expects its upcoming RHEL 5 to achieve Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL 4), the highest level generally achieved by commercial software.

Researchers crack Bluetooth code

Two security researchers say they have discovered a technique for taking control of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, even when the handsets have security features switched on. The technique is a practical implementation of a technique described by Ollie Whitehouse of security firm @Stake last year, which allows an attacker with specialized equipment to connect to a Bluetooth handset without authorization. Once the connection is established, the attacker could make calls on the target's handset, siphon off data or listen in on data transfers between the device and, for example, a PC.


Building on the success of a PDA (personal digital assistant) launched last year that offered mobile phone and Wi-Fi functions, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) says it plans to offer a number of new devices to its business customers throughout 2005 and 2006.

Ontario to develop

The Ontario government is making driver's licences and health cards more secure and fraud resistant.New security features on drivers

IDC: Microsoft on verge of security blitz

Microsoft Corp. is poised for an onslaught into the security software market that could displace many of the sector's leading vendors, IDC analyst Chris Christiansen forecast.

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