Nortel beefs CRM line


Nortel Networks Corp. this week said it would boost its customer relationship management applications with the help of Broadbase Software.

Nortel cited high demand for applications in the CRM market, which Datamonitor predicts will reach US$3 billion by year-end, as a primary reason for adding to its current offerings. Observers say the CRM market is being driven by the wide variety of sales and marketing methods open to business due to the growth in e-commerce. Companies are using CRM software to help manage different sales channels and organize and analyze the data from those different sales channels.

The first software Nortel will release in the fourth quarter is the Clarify Performance Reporting Analytic Application. It provides a customized version of Broadbase’s CRM Foundation data mart software and can analyze customer data gathered from all customer transactions, via different mediums such as phone, fax, web, e-mail, in-person and handheld devices.

The software also can report on customer attributes including how much they cost to serve or overall profitability.

Broadbase has a lengthy list of customers it already sells analytic customer software to, including ADP, BEA Systems, Fidelity Investments, Hewlett-Packard, Insweb, Kodak,,,, The Sharper Image and United Airlines.

Nortel Networks, of Brampton, Ont., can be reached at


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