New Zealand joins information-rich

New Zealand joins information-rich

Published: June 26th, 2003

New Zealand has taken a giant leap up a league table that measures countries’ moves toward creating information-savvy societies.

According to a preliminary report released this week by analyst firm IDC, New Zealand’s ranking on the Information Society Index has gone from 17th in 2002 to 6th this year.

The puts us ahead of the U.S. (8th), U.K. (11th), Canada (10th) and Australia (14th). Sweden tops the table, followed by Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Finland.

IDC New Zealand head Dinesh Kumar says the country’s PC penetration, and social factors which enable us to “absorb and utilize” IT, helped us scale the table.

IDC says the index measures the use of IT to achieve technological, economic and social goals in 55 countries.