New Windows 8 devices on the way: Microsoft


Microsoft Corp.  said its new operating system Windows 8 is doing fine and more devices for the touch focused OS are on the way.

No less than 60 million licenses for Windows 8 have been sold and the OS’s sales aee on par with the pace of its predecessor Windows 7, according to a blog post by Tami Reller, chief operating officer for Microsoft.

He also said Microsoft has been working with its partners to ensure that products which meet Windows 8’s demands will be out soon.

“Partners are working hard to bring stunning innovation to market across a broad spectrum of tablets, convertibles, touch laptops and ultrabooks and all-in-one PCs,” he said. “Watch out for some great new products on the shelf this spring.”

Reller also commented on the apps and Microsoft’s Windows Store.
“Since the grand opening of the Windows Store on October 26th, the number of apps has more than quadrupled,” he said. “Apps downloads are strong as we recently passed the 100 million download mark.”
Released last year, Windows 8 has been plagued by slow sales.

Early last month, Reller had blamed the dearth of appropriate devices for the slow sales of Windows 8.

“Frankly the supply (of touch-enabled PCs) was too short,” he said back then. “I mean, there was more demand that there was supply in these types of devices that our customers had the most demand for.”

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