Two software vendors are working together to help companies to define resource requirements and then fill in the HR holes revealed by that process., which offers a skills procurement solution, has partnered with Richmond Hill, Ont., based Changepoint, a provider of solutions for automating IT services delivery. Harvey Gordon, vice-president of business development for Changepoint, said the company’s professional services automation (PSA) solution allows IT managers or project leaders to define a project and then track the time and expense of associated tasks within the project.

“Our clients use Changepoint to plan their activities,” Gordon said. “Out of the planning process comes an understanding of what kind of resources are required.”

He said PSA will search through employee skills to identify human resource gaps on a project, and then either recommend people for those positions or highlight people that are already committed to other projects. That’s where comes in.

“It’s very natural for Changepoint users who understands what their requirements for skills are to go to SkillsVillage in order to put a requisition in place,” Gordon said. “In fact it was natural for us to put these resources together.”

Gordon noted it is becoming more of a requirement to go to contractors and outside organizations because of the difficulty of finding resources for the IT department.

“This is a way to make it easy for people to go out and find people. There are many ways to go and find these resources. But with the Changepoint system you reach a point where it’s very clear what skill sets are required. Then it’s very straightforward within the system to forward that information to SkillsVillage, who can then forward the appropriate r