The DLT7000 and DLT4000 are Tandberg Data Inc.’s first storage products based on the DLT tape platform.

The DLT7000 features four-channel parallel recording to achieve a data storage capacity of 70GB with data compression and a data transfer rate of 36GB per hour, Tandberg said.

The DLT4000 provides 40GB of storage with data compression, with a transfer rate of 10.8GB per hour using two-channel parallel recording, the company said.

Both are designed for mainframe environments, midrange computers, network servers or high-end workstations utilizing Windows NT, NetWare and Unix. Tandberg said both are available as internal and external drive kits and complete data storage subsystems.

Tandberg in Simi Valley, Calif., is at 1-800-826-3237 or on-line at