SolarFlare Flareon adapters like this now have network monitoring software

Published: January 27th, 2014

SolarFlare Communications Inc. has added a new security layer for servers to its Flareon 10/40 GbE network adapters.

The company said Monday that its SolarSecure solution provides a new layer of server protection to networks from cyber attacks. SolarSecure captures and enforces security policies to rate limit and block malicious traffic before it can penetrate an operating system or applications on network servers.

SolarSecure empowers each server node to monitor and secure network traffic, the company said, providing an active checkpoint to ensure network data packets are filtered before entering a networked server.

It monitors distributed denial of service (DdoS) attacks, packet capture, time sychronization and time stamping. It also connects to other network security and monitoring tools as well as security, information and event management (SIEM) systems.

“Recent highly-publicized security breaches demonstrate that assailants are targeting enterprise-networked servers where business critical applications and sensitive data are stored, exposing network vulnerabilities at the edge,” CEO Russell Stern said in a news release.

“The ‘Internet of Things’ initiatives in the industry will exponentially increase the number of potential security breach points, further exposing enterprise applications and data to attacks.” He said. “SolarSecure is a first-of-its-kind security solution that empowers enterprises with the technological sophistication necessary to effectively enforce security policies.”

In Canada SolarFlare products are available through a number of system integrators and resellers including OnX Enterprise Solutions, Scalar Decisions and CDW.

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