CA Technologies has improved its flow analytics application to better spot network and application anomalies.

The company said Monday that its Network Flow Analysis leverages the latest changes in Cisco System Inc.’s Application Visibility and Control (AVC) and NBAR2 (Next Generation Network Based Application Recognition) to simplify and integrate the detection and analysis of application-specific traffic.  It also harvests flow data directly from network devices.

CA says the tool now automatically recognizes more than 1,000 applications to give network managers visibility into application traffic patterns and behavior.  The solution also makes it easy for network managers to create profiles for their organization’s custom applications.

Administrators can pinpoint active or potential issues with service delivery, plan and validate resource needs for new applications, optimize utilization of network resources, and avoid unnecessary infrastructure costs, CA said in a statement.

“Enterprise IT organizations that don’t aggressively evolve their ability to manage their networks from an application-centric perspective will inevitably wind up throwing too many staff-hours at service-level assurance and getting too little in return,” John Smith, CA’s general manager for infrastructure management, said in the statement.  “With CA Network Flow Analysis, customers achieve far superior results with less work—significantly enhancing IT’s overall ability to deliver more value to the business.”

Formerly called NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer, Network Flow Analysis tells what apps are running on the network, traffic patterns, and which apps and hosts are consuming the most bandwidth. CA says it can help administrators decide if more bandwidth is really needed to solve performance problems.


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