3 things IT can learn from its own history 

A brief stroll along memory lane can help us remember how cloud technology has changed the way we work, play and do everything else.

But what lessons can we learn from the cloud revolution?  Read on to find out

vCloud from VMware challenges mobile networks

VMware is leaping into the network functions virtualization (NFV) market with the launch of its new vCloud for NFV.

The company said vCloud for NFV is the first product that runs virtualized network functions from different vendors on the same unified platform from the cloud.

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The CIA’s AWS-based cloud platform

Guess who’s the latest Amazon Web Services customers?

AWS recently closed a US$600 million deal to provide the Central Intelligence Agency it very own cloud platform. Find out more

Google cloud gets new update dashboard

The Google Cloud platform has gained a new update functionality that provides users and businesses better visibility into potential problems.

The improvements are aimed at making it easier to manage disruptions.

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Cloud storage vs. cloud computing

Are you using cloud storage or cloud computing. Here’s how you can tell.

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