Users of Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 98 operating system will during an introductory period be able to upgrade to the forthcoming Windows Millennium Edition at a promotional price of US$59.95, the software giant announced today.

To be available at U.S. retail stores from Sept. 14 through Jan. 15, 2001, the promotionally-priced upgrade version of Windows Me, aimed primarily at home users, will be offered only to current users of Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition, Microsoft said in a statement. After the limited-time offer expires, the upgrade will be priced at $109, the same price as the Windows 95 upgrade version.

The full version of Windows Me will retail at US$209. It will also be pre-installed in new PCs. Microsoft’s local offices would announce pricing in other countries.

Windows Me will feature improvements over the current Windows 98 operating system in areas including PC maintenance, digital media, home networking and Internet access, Microsoft said.