To be a smart country means maintaining our vigorous communities. A recent boost to the entire telecommunications sector through a vote of confidence from the TD bank in Telus moves us closer to the Prime Minister’s vision of a smart country. If this is truly the mandate for our nation, than an e-framework must be our next tool in making it a certainty.

Numerous individuals from all sectors firmly deem this very framework as the fundamental foundation for social change. An e-framework will improve our economic performance and sustain our high quality of life, according to a recent report from The Conference Board of Canada. The report says that “key public policies will shape Canada’s interdependence among the world’s economies while having a major impact on all regions within the Canadian federation.”

To accomplish a collaborative e-framework we need to mobilize our leaders, in order to uphold Canada’s global, national and regional competitiveness. Do we need any more gargantuan reasons to get on with this essential cross-jurisdictional agenda?

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