Toronto-based Maxlink Communications Inc., (Maxlink) recently launched a full suite of communications and e-business services capabilities across Canada on an LMCS (local multipoint communications system) broadband wireless network.

According to Jordan Worth, an analyst with Toronto-based IDC Canada, “Being able to provide point-to-multipoint service is a dramatic operational improvement over just point-to-point. It’s a more cost-effective network, it gives you better reach and more flexibility in extending the network, and extending both the service area and the bandwidth capacity in that area. You can do a lot more in-building of capacity and it’s not as finite as point-to-point — you can leverage the benefits of the network’s capacity.”

Maxlink’s network consists of elements like LMCS for broadband, wireless local access; fibre linking LMCS cell sites, switching centres and cities; IP routing and Voice over IP (VoIP) equipment; server farms for hosting and delivery of applications; and operations and customer care centres to provide 24/7 service. According to Maxlink’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing, Bob Burrows, services can be up and running in as few as 10 business days after a contract is signed.

Peter Laidlaw, Maxlink’s chief technology officer, said that in comparison to other broadband services like DSL and cable, LMCS has more adjustable bandwidth and better reach.