While the Toronto Maple Leafs are busy passing the puck on the ice, the service staff behind them will be exchanging text messages to see who’s covering the next shift.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) said it has chosen to deploy Shiftex software from Vortex Mobile to improve staff scheduling and management among its users, food and beverage servers. The software combines text messages, e-mail and interactive voice response to broadcast an alert of shift openings to the 1,700 employees. These shifts can be taken on a first come, first-served basis and managers are automatically notified via SMS.

A client interface of Shiftex will show status updates for all shifts, the company said. Employees can also be assigned unique codes to track results over time and generate reports on how often they’ve accepted a shift that comes up, and how often they’ve cancelled. MLSE managers will be able to filter by job type, skills requirements and employee preferences, as well as prioritize by seniority, according to Vortex Mobile, which, like the Leafs, is based in Toronto.