Apple technologies drove the winning entrant for the fifth International Dutch Computer Chess Championships.

Developed by Shredder Chess, Shredder Macintosh is a Mac OS X version of the company’s existing computer chess-playing software, and the win is apparently the first time such software running on a Mac has won such a major event.

The software was run on a PowerBook G4, but in competition ran on a 2.7Ghz Power Mac G5.

It’s not the first win for Shredder. The software has now won nine titles as World Computer Chess Champion — but it’s the first win for the Mac version of the application. Computer played against computer in the Dutch competition.

The software developers claim Shredder to be “accepted as the best Chess application for PCs”.

The application’s level of play can be adjusted to any strength, so anyone can find a suitable chess partner. Software functions include game analysis and a Chess coach.

Shredder for Mac will be available this summer, the developers said.