I give up. After almost two decades of e-mail being my quintessential business tool for managing people, projects and processes, I have to admit that it no longer is up to the job. It is time for me to deal with the fact that we are living in a post- e-mail world.

With the exception of mobile messaging, I’ve tried it all. I‘ve used folders, flags and follow-ups. But I’m convinced that you just can’t manage via e-mail anymore.

Perhaps you are thinking: “Tolly, where have you been?” My answer is that it’s so ingrained to use e-mail that my approach to managing more projects has always been to use more e-mail.

I’m sure that there are countless others who also have continued to hammer away at projects with the same trusty tool — e-mail.

The new tool? Collaboration. OK, it isn’t new, but for me at least, its time has come.

Lotus Notes creator Ray Ozzie has been in the collaboration groove since he, well, created Groove a number of years ago. Now part of

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