Dell Computer Corp. this week at LinuxWorld unveiled several Linux cluster offerings as well as services in an attempt to wean enterprises off Unix and onto Linux.

Dell says it has doubled the number of nodes supported by its Red Hat Inc. Linux-based server cluster offering, along with support for high-speed interconnect hardware.

Dell also announced a customer partnership with IMAX Corp., where Dell/Red Hat server clusters were used to digitize a 35mm feature-length movie into the IMAX 74mm format for the first time.

Dell detailed a new 128-node cluster configuration for its High-Performance Computer Clusters (HPCC) program for Linux server, which doubles the number of nodes supported by the previous version. Dell also announced that it will support the Myrinet brand of high-speed interconnect hardware from Myricom, The bus interconnect technology can be used instead of Fast or gigabit Ethernet connections to link clustered workstations or servers together at speeds up to 2GB/sec.

Dell’s service offerings include project assessment, total cost of ownership calculation of a Unit-to-Linux migration, assistance in porting customers’ in-house legacy Unix applications to Red Hat, as well as back-up and recovery planning services. The services are available now starting at around US$5,000. Services are provided by both Dell and Red Hat engineers through Dell.

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