Life after layoff takes patience


Late last January, Charles Cacioppo, an IT project manager for Prudential Securities, was basking in the fact that just the day before, he and his ad hoc team had completed a four-month project to wind down a medical form software system and switch it over to a service provider.

That morning he got a phone call that he was wanted immediately in his boss’s boss’s boss’s office, and somehow he sensed it wasn’t to receive praise for a job well done.

Unfortunately, he was right; Cacioppo’s position had been eliminated. “I had just finished this successful project and had some accolades from the internal client,” said the Franklin Boro, N.J., resident. “Within an hour, I was gone.”

He is far from alone. Thousands of IT experts who have done good work are finding themselves unemployed thanks to the sputtering economy.

That’s all the more reason once you’ve been let go to buckle down right away and start an organized job search, starting with a fresh r


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