Letter To The Editor


Nortel really a stranger?

Just skimmed your editorial about Cisco moving into the carrier space and the curiosity of Nortel trying to move into the enterprise, (“The grass is always greener”, NWC, Jan. 24, 2003, page 3).

Now I know that there is some truth in what you write – and, indeed, part of Nortel’s trauma of the past few years could well be ascribed to Nortel’s losing the vision it once had – the vision that included the enterprise. But, as I write, with my Nortel phone beside me, connected to a Nortel KSU – which could just as easily been an Meridian PBX – and I pick-up my Meridian voice-mail, I wonder if Nortel is really such a stranger to that enterprise space. (I think the distinction of voice products and data has really disappeared – VoIP PBXs are just the next stage.) Just wondering.


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