Toronto-based Lenovo Canada Inc. has partnered with Stoneware Inc. to create secure cloud access from smart phones and tablets and worked with Intel to create easy cloud access on its devices such as ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktop PCs, according to Stefan Bockhop, the channel sales director at Lenovo Canada.


“(Lenovo Secure Cloud Access) is a very useful tool for enterprise customers,” said Roger L. Kay, the founder of Wayland, Mass.-based Endpoint Technologies Associates Inc. “(The software) is more efficient than a BPM.”


Cloud applications accessed are viewable differently on each device. This Lenovo technology makes sure the app knows what device you are using and allows access to the appropriate format of the app. This means workers can stay mobile and access company data from their smart phones in a format appropriate in file size for their smart phones. An application accessed from a laptop looks different from when it is accessed from another medium like a smart phone. It also recognizes when workers log in to another device from home, such as a laptop, to access cloud corporate files, according to Bockhop.


“(Lenovo Secure Cloud Access) is aware of the capabilities of the device,” Bockhop said. “It gives you flexibility and scalability of what you access.”


There is also a capability for enterprise workers to log in on any device using a single sign-on authentication, he said, so IT departments don’t have to reset passwords.


“It can offload from the network,” Kay said. “If enterprise customers are moving to virtualized or cloud-based software, it works with their existing browsers,” he said.

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