Latest version of NCP


Nuremberg, Germany-based NCP Engineering GmbH’s Secure Enterprise Client (SEC) version 9.03 released this week supports the Windows XP operating system in its 64-bit mode.

NCP develops remote access tools based on VPN technology.

The company’s VPN clients are also available for Windows Mobile, CE, Linux and Symbian.

Next to Windows 2000, the SEC supports Vista and XP for 32 and 64 bit. SEC is centrally administrable via Endpoint Policy Enforcement used for monitoring the centrally-provided security policy and for authentication. SEC fulfills the increasing compliance requirements for a “transparent and revision-secure control of network access,” the company said.

Other features include “friendly net detection” that automatically recognizes secure and insecure networks. And, the software has a bandwidth management feature to ensure required Quality-of-Service (QoS) for voIP or video data.


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